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AMX Netlinx Interface Guide Control of Converging Systems e-Node and CS-BUS compatible LED and/or Motor controllers through Ethernet IP Page 2 Rev 1.1 Integration Note Manufacturer: Converging Systems, Inc. Model Numbers: CS-Bus Motor and Lighting Controllers Netlinx Code Base V3.60.453 and later for NI2100 or similar Driver Developer: Converging Systems Inc. AMX Developer Partner. Technical documentation of the manufacturer of AMX devices in order of appropriate categories. This document was generated from CDN thread Created by: Kyle Wilcoxen on 12-02-2010 08:03:13 PM I'm needing to create 6 preset layouts and have an AMX controller recall those layouts. I've been tinkering with the demo program and see the XML code.

Meeting- Manager, part of the Resource Management Suite from AMX, is the first enterprise-level, server-based software solution for corporate and campus IT profes- sionals, facility managers and meeting room users. camera codec TYPICAL MEETING ROOM TakeNoteAnnotation screen projector AMX Touch Paneldocument camera lighting VCR/DVDPC AMX NetLinx Controller Equipment Monitoring and. AMX Mod X API. amxconst. No functions. This include file has no functions. amxmisc. Stocks. access. Sets a bone controller with the specified value. Return The percentage that the controller is extended 0.0 through 1.0 This documentation was generated automatically using pawn-docgen written by xPaw for AlliedMods. Quick Start Guide - NX-1200 NetLinx Integrated Controller Author: AMX Techincal Publications Subject: This guide pertains to the NX-1200 NetLinx Integrated Controller FG2106-01. The purpose of this document is to illustrate how to set up the device in its simplest configuration. Additional Documentation for this device is available at: Ref er to the NX-x200 Series Hardware. D-MAX Controller Specifications. Weight 1 kg 2 lb; Operating Temperature 0 to 60˚ C 32 to 140˚ F; Mounting Options Integrated or Remote Mount; Control Power Consumption 50W max input; Drive Power Consumption 200W max input at 24 VDC or 400W max input at 48 VDC; Drives per Controller 1 single or 2 dual; Maximum Motor Outputs 4 amps per drive; Sensor Inputs 4 total. • AMX lighting products are guaranteed to switch on and off any load that is properly connected to our lighting products, as long as the AMX lighting products are under warranty. AMX also guarantees the control of dimmable loads that are properly con-nected to our lighting products. The dimming performance or quality there of is not guaranteed, impart due to the random combi-nations of.

4.1 Introduction to Defining Mobile Applications. A mobile application can have one or more view controller-type projects, each of which describes a set of features in a maf-feature.xml file. As described in Chapter 3, "Getting Started with Mobile Application Development," MAF provides you with the maf-application.xml configuration file for the mobile application itself, and the maf-feature. The OpenRemote Controller, an always-on 24/7 Linux, Windows or OS X server application, which connects the mobile control devices smartphones, tablets to building automation systems and devices under control. Control devices can be building infrastructure light switches, power outlets etc., consumer electronic devices, or home appliances. The OpenRemote Controller can also run scripts. Digital Media Switchers contains complete documentation including board specifications and supported resolutions; see. Each enclosure contains an integrated NetLinx Central Control Processor. Installation Rack Mounting Caution: To prevent overheating, avoid placing high heat-producing equipment directly above/below enclosure. The system requires a minimum of 1 empty rack.

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