Ireland, forever the "Emerald Isle"

The Republic of Ireland is identified by lush, verdant landscapes, historic castles and cathedrals, some of the most celebrated artists and writers in the world, oh and a rather pleasant dark beer that takes a fortnight to pour... among other outstanding highlights! Browse the gallery and see what you're missing.

3 Most spiritual zodiac signs in astrology with an optimistic view towards life

Spiritual people believe in religion and are highly devoted to the gods. They have a strong belief when it comes to supernatural things, rebirth or next-life and sin. It is their conception that the almighty is always watching over us and counting our good and bad deeds. According to astrology, there are 3 zodiac signs who are spiritual and believe in God always. They believe God is always with them to fix things up. Find their names. Most...

Which 5 Zodiac Signs Make The Most Possessive Partners?

These 5 zodiacs take things slightly too far...

Love Island's Paige Turley and Finley Tapp enjoy morning stroll

They met and fell for one another during the first ever winter series of Love Island, before going on to scoop the top prize together earlier this year.

5 Reasons why LIBRA is considered the BEST zodiac sign

Libras have the ability to impress people in the first impression with just their linguistic skills and their unique fashion sense. Libras are always taking the higher ground of morale, and surrounded by intellectual people who also add fuel to their creativity and knowledge. One of the most striking qualities of Libras is that they imbibe a vast sense of knowledge ranging from fashion to politics and more. This boosts their confidence and gives...

The world's beautiful natural wonders under threat

The world is full of natural wonders but many of our most precious landscapes are increasingly at risk. Whether its the imminent threat of climate change, destructive weather systems or the toll of human impact, some of Earth's most incredible, important and enchanting corners are facing a precarious future.

The best sights to explore in the North of England

The North of England has many attractions for those who love nature and history, so why not plan a staycation? Click though this gallery for sightseeing spots to discover on your trip. Enjoy!

The mysteries surrounding the Bermuda Triangle

The waters surrounding the British territory of Bermuda have claimed the lives of over 1,000 individuals. Many ships and planes have inexplicably disappeared in the area between Bermuda and Miami, and many pilots have told stories of their compasses going haywire. The mysterious disappearances and bizarre stories have given rise to numerous conspiracy theories and a general eeriness surrounding the Bermuda Triangle. Click through the following gallery to discover some of the most intriguing unexplained mysteries from the island and its waters.

Katrina Kaif to Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt: EVERYTIME celebs swore by their love for classic white anarkalis

Classic are known to be classic for a particular reason. No matter what the year you rock it in, it’s bound to make a statement no matter what. White anarkalis is one such example of a classic which was not only famous in the ’90s but even today, you’ll see celebrities look their effortless best in these traditional numbers. Now that the shaadi season is here, its time to load up on all the inspiration you can get and we’ve got you covered!...

20 signs your cat loves you

What your zodiac sign says about the motorcycle you should ride

If you're considering getting into riding a motorcycle, you'll need to know which one is best for you! Something fast, resilient, endurant–the choice is yours! But that decision might be difficult. Thankfully, we have that covered for you! Take a look through the following gallery to find out what your zodiac sign says about the motorcycle you should ride!

These Boozy Christmas Ornaments Will Guarantee That You Have The Tipsiest Tree In Town

They're appropriately called Boozeballs. 🍷🎄

American landmarks: how many do you know?

The United States celebrates and commemorates its colorful and sometimes turbulent history with a collection of truly remarkable monuments and memorials. How many have you visited? Scroll through the gallery – and several hundred years of history – for a journey to some of America’s most dramatic and evocative cultural landmarks.

Zodiac Sign Mantras: The One-Word to Keep in Mind, Based on Your Horoscope

Every sign in the zodiac has a little something to learn. We’ve given each a one-word mantra to help them grow where they need it the most.

5 Pairs of Zodiac Signs who are incompatible with each other and completely poles apart

There are some people who are just perfect for each other. They get each other and know what to say and when to say it. While there are others who just for no specific reason cannot stand each other and are simply not compatible. If you meet someone and instantly develop a disliking for them, chances are that it is because of their zodiac sign. Every zodiac sign has different traits and qualities and at times, these can collide with another’s....

3 Zodiac signs who are most likely to become an atheist

Atheism is having the belief that God doesn’t exist. Atheist people are practical and believe what they can see, so according to them, deities don’t exist at all. Along with that, these people don’t really believe in any religion. They only believe in humanity and love to do charity for a needy person. In astrology, there are 3 zodiac signs who are highly atheist and don’t believe in god at all. These people are grounded, practical and believe...

FYI: Holiday Shipping Deadlines Are Earlier Than Ever This Year

Some deadlines have already passed.

Hawaii is offering to pay for the flights of remote workers who are willing to relocate to Honolulu

Awardees are expected to perform community work in exchange for flights, discounted accommodation, and a range of other perks.

Italy Imposes Ban on Christmas Midnight Mass And Travel Between Regions

The country has also decided to impose a curfew from 10 PM to 5 AM, restaurants in some regions will be allowed for takeaway services till 6 pm.

Which Zodiac Signs Cheat Most When They Are In Relationships?

Is your man faithful? Will your relationship last? Find out here!

THESE 4 zodiac signs are most likely to be narcissistic

Having narcissist qualities doesn’t necessarily mean a bad thing, says a narcissist himself. Let’s face it, coming across a narcissist person can truly be one of the most annoying human experiences. Narcissists come across as cold, detached, rude, lacking in compassion and empathy. Narcissists also think of themselves as superior to others and this is what defines narcissism at its best. When you talk to them or try to have a conversation with...

Which Wine You Should Drink, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Here, the type of wine to drink based on your zodiac sign. Just be sure to use a coaster should Mercury go into retrograde.

Mariah Carey's most iconic diva moments

Mariah Carey is the most famous diva in the music business, and she has been for decades—because divas don't just fade into the background. With a vocal range said to span up to seven octaves, giving us that unbelievable whistle register, her elevated status is quite justified. She's given the world 15 studio albums, some of the most intense and brilliant shade, dreams bigger than some of us could ever imagine, and a degree of luxury that we should all aspire to. But she's so much more than a diva, and in fact some of her greatest diva moments have been pulling the curtain back on what it's like behind the dazzle and diamonds. Click through to celebrate her most iconic moments.

What Kind Of Dater Is Your Zodiac Sign?

Find out what your dating style is thanks to your zodiac sign!

Open up to the prettiest doors from around the world

From Singapore and Sweden to Italy and Israel, travel around the world through these images of colorful doorways and beautiful building facades! These stunning photos show artful building exteriors that will take your breath away, and maybe even inspire you with your own home decoration...

5 Zodiac signs who are most likely to be the BIGGEST pranksters

Pranksters love to play different pranks on people to have fun. People never know when they are secretly planning for a prank to fool them. And they keep doing it and never skip any chance to create a prank. But they do it, after all, to have some fun and laugh with their friends. There is no bad intention for it. In astrology, there are 5 zodiac signs who are the biggest pranksters of all. They like to fool people with some fun plans. So, if...

Holly Willoughby channels Princess Diana in 'black sheep' jumper

The late Princess of Wales wore the item of clothing, created by Joanna Osborne and Sally Muir's Warm and Wonderful, in 1981 at the Guards Polo Club at Smith's Lawn in Windsor.

5 Zodiac signs who do not believe in giving up and are relentless

There are some people who will do anything to achieve their goals. They are incredibly determined and hardworking. They never give up and are truly relentless. They have this inbuilt quality of being persistent and ambitious no matter what obstacles come their way. They like taking risks and believe that actual growth happens when one steps out of their comfort zone. These people believe in taking chances and are the exact opposite of quitters....

Adorable animals celebrating Christmas

It's not just people who celebrate Christmas. No, really! Animals love it too. They love the parties, the hats (especially the hats), getting dressed up—the whole nine yards. And even if we think we know how to celebrate in style, we could learn a thing or two from our furry friends. In this gallery, check out what these guys get up to at Christmas while we're all sleeping...

Which Zodiac Signs Lie The Most? We Reveal The Top 6!

Who Are The 6 Biggest Liars Out Of All The Zodiac Signs?

What people hate about Australia

There's lots to love down under but, like anywhere, Aussies know the country might have some weak spots. An online poll sought to find the worst things about Australia, and the results are too real. Take a look at this humbling list, if you dare.

Cancerians are most likely to marry THESE 4 zodiac signs

Cancer is the nurturing zodiac sign and people of this sign love to take care of their loved ones. They will make sure their people are at their ultimate comfort level. This season is from June 21 to July 22 and it’s a water element. Cancerians are compassionate and loyal people who always give a serious commitment to their relationships. If they are saying yes, then they will finally end up marrying that person. So, whom they are going to...

Vegetarianism Linked with Increased Risk of Bone Fractures

According to a new study, vegetarian diets can be low in some nutrients like calcium, zinc, B12 vitamin, protein important for bone strength and might risk more fractures.

Now, Chile's navy keeps an eye on Chinese boats near Pacific

Chile's navy said today that it is keeping a closing eye on Chinese fishing boats near the Pacific Ocean amid reports of several boats being spotted in international waters close to Arica y Parinacota region.

Britain's most beautiful piers

The heatwave is still going strong, and with no signs of stopping! So why not treat yourself for a fun-filled day out? Here some of Britain's best piers where to enjoy for some seaside fun. Take a look!

Which Zodiac Sign Is The Best And Most Sensual Kisser?

How good are your kissing skills?

Libra, Leo, Gemini: 5 Zodiac signs who are attracted to supernatural and paranormal things

According to astrology, there are five zodiac signs who are attracted to and believe in supernatural things. They are highly drawn to black magic and ghosts and always have a keen desire to know more about them. They believe in an alternate reality, paranormal stuff as well. These zodiac signs generally want to know the unknown and explore new things. They want to gather knowledge and share their story as well. And they wouldn’t mind if it would...

Van, RV, and bus dwellers share how they decorate their tiny homes on wheels for the holidays

From winter-themed bedsheets to thrift ornaments, people living in tiny homes on the road find creative ways to celebrate Christmas and the holidays.

6 Major Things Every Man Should Know When They Start Experiencing Hair Loss For The First Time

Your December Tarot Card Reading, According to Your Zodiac Sign

It's time to consider how your actions will impact society.

Amazing underground attractions

These amazing destinations are out of sight! Browse the gallery, delve under the surface, and uncover some of the world's hidden wonders.

The 2 Zodiac Signs That Hold a Grudge (And 2 That Already Forgot Why They Were Mad)

Astrology can tell us a thing or two about whether our anger fades out quickly or if our resentment runs deep. Find out which zodiac signs are more likely to hold a grudge and which have no energy to waste on past transgressions.

Things to do in Maldives, where the world seems headed this year-end

The highest point in the Maldives is less than 1.5 metres above sea level and in the past 15 years the temperature and water levels have been rising menacingly and the nation is sinking helplessly. Naysayers predict that by the turn of the century, the Maldives would vanish off the map – it would be buried in the turquoise waters.

How to repot orchids : help these delicate plants live longer

Learn how to repot orchids while respecting these plants' unique requirements

World Soil Day 2020: How to celebrate the day and its theme and significance

World Soil Day is celebrated on December 5 to recognise and be thankful for this natural resource, which plays the most major role in producing food. There has been an increase globally in soil degradation which makes it more important to celebrate the day. Celebration of this day will make people aware of it and they will put efforts to save the quality of the soil for the plants. So, here’s how can you celebrate World Soil Day. World Soil Day...

Give Your New Year A Happy Start By Visiting These Unheard Locations In India

Want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city life? Then travelling on the New Year would be an impeccable plan for you. Here are some of the unheard and untouched villages of our country where you can drown in the serenity of nature while unwinding and rejuvenating yourself. So, take a look. Parithiramanal, Kerala Pathiramanal is a miniature paradise island located in the Muhamma Panchayat of the Alappuzha district of the glorious...

7 ways to spot a fake person on a matrimony website

‘Woman duped of money by her ‘Perfect Match’ or ‘Man gets the shock of life after accidentally finding that his ‘ideal soulmate’ is already married’ There is no dearth of such headlines in today’s digital world, where it’s much easier to create a fake online persona than open an FD account. Numerous cases have been registered and most remain unsolved as fraudsters continue duping innocent people looking for life-partners on free matrimonial...

National Crush of India 2020 Rashmika Mandanna does this agility exercise with ease; can you?

This exercise is known to help develop balance, coordination and reflexes.

Beyond barriers: secrets of the world’s historic walls

From mighty landmarks like the Great Wall of China to the poignant Vietnam Veterans Memorial, walls have protected, divided and commemorated nations and people for thousands of years. These mighty constructions fascinate us too – so here we delve into some of their biggest enigmas. If you're planning on visiting any in real life, be sure to check travel restrictions due to COVID-19 before you go.

5 Most emotionally strong zodiac signs who can handle anything

Everyone has experienced their share of ups and downs in life. They have all gone through testing times and have found their inner strength at such times. While there are some who become hysterical in times of crisis, there are others who know how to keep their emotions in check. Emotionally strong people have the level of maturity to accept their flaws and are always aware of their emotions and feelings. They are able to get a grip on their...