Calling All Neat Freaks: Rubbermaid Storage Container Sets Are on Sale for Just $16

You can revitalize your cabinets in no time with these organizers.

The most under and overrated attractions in the Big Apple

With art, museums, bars, and green spaces as far as the eye can see, the possibilities in the City That Never Sleeps are positively endless. However, not all New York hot spots are created equal. While this world-famous city is filled with awe-inspiring sites, it also has a fair share of over-crowded and over-priced tourist traps that you should steer clear of. Starting from best to worst, check out the following gallery to discover the 15 best and worst spots for an authentic New York City experience.

How to make paper snowflakes

Need a refresh on how to make paper snowflakes? Let this super easy guide fill you with nostalgia...

THESE are the 5 most fearless zodiac signs who stand tall in the face of fear

The unknown is scary. There is the uncertainty of what lies ahead and what kind of experiences are waiting for us. It is undoubtedly tough to come out of your comfort zone and embrace the unknown. To fear the future is quite natural. However, there are some people who no matter what do not hesitate in saying yes to new experiences and adventures. They are ready to take on the world and are brave enough to step out of their usual. They know that...

How to get your ideal salary, as told by famous women

Women already have to deal with the gender pay gap, but on top of that many say there’s a kind of social conditioning, along with layers of other forms of discrimination, that make it difficult to negotiate a higher salary. The entertainment industry has been under the spotlight in recent years as it’s been made brutally clear how wide the gap really is. Failing to negotiate your terms, whether it’s asking for a raise, for more flexibility, or for equality, can have enormous effects on your life, so why not figure out how some of the world’s most successful women did it? Check out this gallery for some A-lister tips on how to power your way to the income you deserve.

Healthy eating: give your diet an extreme makeover!

The following images of delicious, homemade, and healthy meals will make you want to immediately run out and buy all of the fresh ingredients you can find to recreate them. If you're looking to switch up your diet and are in need of a little inspiration, check out the gallery!

5 Pairs of Zodiac signs who are most compatible with each other when it comes to friendship

Our friends are the ones who are always there for us no matter what and will never leave our side. We all need a best friend in our life to sail through the ups and downs and to have a shoulder to lean on when needed. Your best friend will always understand you and give you the best advice. They will love you as you are and will always stand by you in tough times. Each zodiac sign has a certain level of compatibility with one zodiac sign when it...

Your Horoscope This Week

We’re encouraged to be as flexible as possible on Sunday, when the ego-ruling Sun forms a quincunx with change-loving Uranus. Quincunx or inconjunct transits make our lives just a teensy bit more complicated, but it isn’t anything that we can’t sort out with a little work. We'll be able to use this transit to see other people’s points of view and explore new options. Prepare to make an important step in a new direction on Monday at around 4:30...

3 Easy & Effective Steps To Help Men Grow A Beard For The First Time

Amazon Dropped a Wave of Early Cyber Monday Deals That Start at $13

Get your shopping done today before the best items sell out tomorrow.

THESE are the top 5 zodiac signs who speak fluent sarcasm and have mastered the art

It’s always fun to be around people who can tell someone something in an indirect and fun manner without them realising it. They have the quality to point out the obvious in a subtle manner, concealed with wit and humour. For these people, sarcasm is their second nature. Sarcasm is a clever way to critique something or point out the irony without actually stating it. There are some zodiac signs who speak fluent sarcasm to the extent that it...

5 Tips and tricks to dress up your child fashionably during winter

Winter comes with certain challenges, one of them being dressing up while keeping yourself warm enough. Being an overprotective mother, you want your kid to feel the warmth and also ensure they look stylish and presentable. If you too are worried about keeping your kid warm during winter, here some tips to save you time and effort. Follow these tips to help you pick out the perfect outfit for your child this winter. Mittens Mittens are an...

THESE are the zodiac signs who enjoy solitude and love their own company

While there are some who thrive on social interaction and who love meeting people and are social butterflies, there are others who prefer being alone and are comfortable in their own company. They know how to be on their own and do not feel the need to constantly meet or talk to people. These people aren’t exactly anti-social, they do meet people and like going out. But they need some time to themselves to recharge and rejuvenate. According to...

London's homeless offered two-week stay in hotels over Christmas

Homelessness charity Crisis has paid for 517 hotel rooms at four London hotels which were provided by London Hotel Group for cheaper rates. They will house rough sleepers over Christmas.

EXCLUSIVE: Kriti Kharbanda wears by THIS DIY oil passed down by her mom, for glossy and thick hair

One of the most diverse actresses out there, Kriti Kharbanda has managed to strike a chord among audiences in several languages including Hindi, Kannada and Telugu. The model turned actress in a candid chat with Pinkvilla, talked about her struggles of being a newcomer. "When I first moved to Mumbai, I did my own makeup and hair for two years," the Housefuls 4 actress revealed. She went on to add that she did so because she couldn't afford a...

5 Essential Products Every Man Should Keep In His Grooming Stash To Fight Signs Of Ageing

Aditya Narayan Wedding: Indian Idol host's Tilak ceremony video goes viral | WATCH

New Delhi | Jagran Entertainment Desk: Aditya Narayan, who is a popular host and singer, is all set to marry his long time girlfriend Shweta Aggarwal on December 1, 2020. But, before that, the rituals of the wedding have started taking place. On November 28, Shweta and Aditya's Tilak ceremony took place, whose videos and photos are going viral on social media quite quickly. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Aditya Narayan💕...

Revealed: The best and the worst cities around the world for expats

According to the Expat City Ranking 2020, more than 15,000 expats of 173 nationalities have voiced their opinions about living abroad

Do People Really Look Like Their Zodiac Sign? An Astrologer Explains

Do zodiac signs have certain physical traits? There’s an argument for it, yes, but it’s a little more complicated than you might there. Here’s why.

How You'll Spend Your Socially Distant Friendsgiving, by Zodiac Sign

Bc you can still celebrate together, even though you're physically apart.

Get your hair inspiration from these llamas and alpacas!

Click through this gallery for some amusing photographs of hairy alpacas and ludicrous-looking llamas!

A Full Moon Eclipse Is Happening—Here's What This Means for Your Zodiac Sign

Your communication skills will be up a notch, thanks to Gemini.

Which dog should you get based on your zodiac sign?

Choosing a dog can be a huge endeavor, but you can make your decision much easier by learning about which breeds best match your zodiac sign. If you'd check the astrological sign of someone you're casually dating, then why wouldn't you find out whether you and your lifelong canine partner are compatible too? Click through to see some of the best potential pups according to your sign.

Born on the cusp: these celebs have two zodiac signs

The cusp is the transition period of about five days when the sun moves from one zodiac sign to the next. Someone born on February 19, for example, is born on the Aquarius-Pisces cusp, and might feel the influence of both star signs. Browse the gallery and find out which celebrities were born on the cusp!

HERE’s how Yoga can be beneficial for Epilepsy

Epilepsy has its mention in the ancient Indian texts also and the word has been derived from an ancient Greek verb which means to seize. It’s a condition that is recognised by seizures or fits and it’s caused by abnormal bursts of electrical impulses in the brain. Some common symptoms of this condition are strange sensations in the body, going into a trance-like state, loss of consciousness etc. Epilepsy is caused by damage in the brain like...

Horoscope fashion: the best outfits for each zodiac sign

Each Zodiac sign comes with its own characteristics. Cancer women are more romantic, Aries are outgoing, and so on. And these characteristics can also correlate to style, and what suits whom better. Check out this gallery to find out which style would suit you best based on your Zodiac sign!

These 5 zodiac signs are the wittiest of all and are always ready with a clever comeback

To be witty is to be smart and observant. It comes naturally to many people and is an art. Witty people are intelligent and clever. They know what to say and when to say it. They are the ones with hilarious comebacks and will always keep you entertained. They are genuinely funny without trying too hard and are natural people pleasers. They know how to have a good time and how to keep people hooked. There are some such zodiac signs who sail...

THESE are the top 5 zodiac signs who are the epitome of class and elegance

Classiness is a quality that is not found in many people. Being classy requires the person to behave in a certain manner, treat others with respect and get rid of all their insecurities. They are confident, sophisticated and always well-groomed. They are not snobbish but they know their worth. They do not need to pull down others to feel better about themselves. Such people are graceful, elegant and self-assured. They do not believe in showing...

The best Christmas garlands: 13 ways to deck your halls

Christmas garlands are super effective, but super easy well to decorate your home – here are our top picks and ideas...

24 Gifts for Every Zodiac Sign, According to an Astrologist

Here, PureWow?s in-house astrologer, Jaime Wright, picked the most thoughtful gifts for every zodiac sign.

4 Zodiac signs who easily get emotional and cry in SECRET

According to astrology, there are four zodiac signs who are highly sensitive and touchy. They easily get hurt by others and mind a lot about it. But they don’t let others know about their feelings but continue to cry secretly. They can easily cry at any moment as well. Be it a touchy moment, a romantic movie, a sad song or an emotional situation, these people easily start crying secretly. Zodiac signs who get hurt easily and cry in secret:...

A Look Back at Princess Diana's Famous 1989 New York Trip

The visit plays a role in The Crown's fourth season.

5 Zodiac signs who have the sharpest memory and remember everything

Venus Is Entering Scorpio—Here's What This Means for Your Zodiac Sign

Your emotions will be at an all-time high.

4 Most inattentive zodiac signs who cannot concentrate on their work for a long time

When you are attentive in your work, it helps you to focus on your work and do it accurately. Attention prevents you from getting distracted by any disturbances. But when people are inattentive, then it becomes hard for them to focus on their work or study and do it properly. They cannot concentrate on any important thing due to having a very short attention span. There are four zodiac signs who are quite inattentive and cannot focus on their...

Everything You Need to Know If Your Zodiac Sign Is Aquarius

You're creative, innovative, and love a good party.

Some of the most common Christmas injuries

Christmas is coming! Many have started decorating their homes, wrapping gifts, and listening to Christmas music 24/7. While the yuletide season is known for being jolly, there's a darker side to it as well. Amidst all the merriment, it is important to remember to take care of yourself and your nearest and dearest. With a different kind of season comes a different kind of peril! Make sure you're not the next victim of a Christmas mishap. Read on to find out about the not-so-nice Christmas mistakes that could ruin your festivities...

4 Zodiac signs who are most likely to laugh even at serious things

Some people cannot be serious even in tough situations. They take things lightly, which affects their relationships as well. Such people are capable of making anyone laugh easily. Apart from that, they sometimes even laugh when they are not supposed to. It then becomes awkward for them and others also. They never do it intentionally to hurt or insult someone, they are happy-go-lucky kind of people who cannot stay serious for a long time....

The fascinating history of the Portuguese era of exploration

Portugal was an incredible sea power during the 15th and 16th centuries, and they traveled all over the world, gaining new trade routes and exploring unfamiliar territory. Maritime expeditions to far-flung places saw intrepid mariners sail uncharted waters to reach these unmapped lands. But do you know where they ended up? Browse the following gallery and learn more about this adventurous time in Portuguese history.

Funky facts you never knew about Portland, OR

If you can dream it, Portland probably has it. Whether you're in the mood for a cold brew, a good book, or a scenic bike ride surrounded by an undoubtedly delightful cityscape, you're in the right place. This city definitely walks to the beat of its own drum and that is perhaps the best thing about it. Check out the following gallery to discover all the fun facts that make Portland the hipster heaven that it is.

Terrific teahouses around the world

Whether you're into white, black, green, matcha or chai, you're bound to find a locale that is right for you in this gallery. So if you're a tea drinker, click through! (Photo by Dayne Topkin)

Doing your own manicure? 5 fool proof steps to get the PERFECT nails at home

A good manicure and pedicure make us feel cared for. When our nails are neat, tidy, smooth and glossy, it seems like all is right in the world again. While the pandemic may have out our self-care and pampering sessions on hold for a while at least, who's to say that we can't get the perfect nails on our own? Here's an easy-peasy step by step guide on how to get it. Step 1: Remove old nail polish Start with a clean base, remove all the layers of...

6 Unique and delicious black rice recipes to include in your menu

Black rice was known as forbidden rice in ancient China as only upper-class people could afford eating it. Today, there are many variations available like Indonesian black rice, Philippine balatinaw rice and Thai jasmine black rice. In Manipur, black rice is known as chak-hao. It has the same amount of fibre as that of brown rice. This rice is of deep black colour but turns into deep purple when it gets cooked. It’s generally used to make...

5 Obvious reasons to wear sunglasses in winter to protect your eyes

During the summer season, sunglasses are a must-have to protect the skin around our eyes. Harmful UV rays can also damage that part of the skin making it look dull. But what about the winter season? Yes, you need to wear sunglasses in winter as well. Because UV rays are present in this time of the year also which affect your eyes. As a result, you may get dark circles and ageing skin. So, as you apply sunscreen on your skin in winter, wear...

How to hang Christmas lights: tips for both indoors and outdoors

Want to brighten up your home for the holidays? Here’s how to hang Christmas lights like a pro – from choosing to installing yours

Craziest hotel service requests from celebs

Celebs stereotypically have high demands when it comes to staying at hotels. However, there are some celebs who go above and beyond. Over the years, A-listers have made some strange hotel service requests, from sheets of tin foil to a room reserved for glasses. After the coronavirus pandemic, these demands will probably increase. Click on to see what the stars request at hotels because, after all, if you don't ask, you don't get.

Lost underwater cities you may not know even existed

From breathtaking monuments and temples that have been submerged in lakes to entire villages standing under the sea, here are some of the incredible lost cities that have been found in the hidden depths.

Tips For A Great First Date With Each Zodiac Sign

Score points on your first date thanks to astrology!

Music City magic: Everything you need to know about Nashville

Whether you are a musician, a fan, or simply want to experience the vibrancy of America's most musical city, a trip to Nashville needs to be in your future. From live shows and microbreweries to stunning historical monuments, this gem in the American South has a little something for everyone. Check out the following gallery to discover interesting facts you might not know about Music City. (Photo by Katy Belcher on Unsplash)

Groundbreaking planes that changed how we travel

Here are some of the most influential and important commercial planes to have ever graced our skies.